Net::Google::Analytics Extended Example

There is an update to this post, stuff changed.

I wanted to fetch visitors and page views by month for the past year for our website, and quickly found the Net::Google::Analytics module. It and Net::Google::AuthSub installed easily. However, the snippet in the synopsis did not compile ($i was undefined) and was obviously missing a loop over the retrieved data. Anyway, here is a working snippet that retrieves and formats some data for easy loading into a spreadsheet. 

The hardest thing for me was getting the correct profile number.  I thought it was the number in the web page code that looked like UA-191234-1, but it's not.  You have to go to account settings and thenedit the profile of the web site to see the magic number - it's the "Profle ID:" at the top of the page.

# Fetch some Google Analytics data

use strict;
use warnings;

use Net::Google::Analytics;
use Net::Google::AuthSub;

my $user    = ''; # your account user id here
my $pass    = 'xxxxxx';        # your password here!

my $profile    = '14883391';
my $start_date = '2010-10-01';
my $end_date   = '2011-09-30';

# Login

my $auth = Net::Google::AuthSub->new(service => 'analytics');
my $response = $auth->login($user, $pass);
if (!$response->is_success) {
    die 'Login failed: ' . $response->error . "\n";

# Datafeed request

my $analytics = Net::Google::Analytics->new();

my $data_feed = $analytics->data_feed;
my $req = $data_feed->new_request();


my $res = $data_feed->retrieve($req);

if (($res->{is_success} || 0) ne 1) {
    die "Lookup failed\n";

# Print tab separated header line

my $entry = $res->entries->[0];

for my $dimension (@{$entry->dimensions}) {
    my $name = $dimension->name;
    $name =~ s/^ga\://;
    print "$name\t";

for my $metric (@{$entry->metrics}) {
    my $name = $metric->name;
    $name =~ s/^ga\://;
    print "$name\t";

print "\n";

# Print tab separated values

for my $entry (@{$res->entries}) {
    for my $dimension (@{$entry->dimensions}) {
        my $value = $dimension->value;
        print "$value\t";
    for my $metric (@{$entry->metrics}) {
        my $value = $metric->value;
        print "$value\t";
    print "\n";

exit 1;


Thank you. I had the same problem with the profile number.

Can't locate object method "data_feed" via package "Net::Google::Analytics" at ./ line 30.

It seems, Net::Google::Analytics has changes since 2011 and no longer has data_feed property.

You are correct, the module was updated and I had to rewrite the program the post was based on. I'll update it as soon as I can!

The updated code has been published, see link at top of post.

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