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Gabor Szabo just wrote a Learning Perl post on the issue of how beginners find good Perl learning materials.  He suggested linking to some good material, so here we go.

First up is Perl.org's own Learn Perl page.  Lots of good starting info there.

Next we have chromatic's Modern Perl book, an excellent resource.  It is available in print or as a free PDF download.  I sure wish this was available when I first started learning Perl!

Finally we have Gabor's own Perl Tutorial.

Perl is an awesome language, and great fun to program in.  Dig in and have fun!
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There is an update to this post, stuff changed.

I wanted to fetch visitors and page views by month for the past year for our website, and quickly found the Net::Google::Analytics module. It and Net::Google::AuthSub installed easily. However, the snippet in the synopsis did not compile ($i was undefined) and was obviously missing a loop over the retrieved data. Anyway, here is a working snippet that retrieves and formats some data for easy loading into a spreadsheet. 

The hardest thing for me was getting the correct profile number.  I thought it was the number in the web page code that looked like UA-191234-1, but it's not.  You have to go to account settings and thenedit the profile of the web site to see the magic number - it's the "Profle ID:" at the top of the page.

# Fetch some Google Analytics data

use strict;
use warnings;

use Net::Google::Analytics;
use Net::Google::AuthSub;

my $user    = 'you@gmail.com'; # your account user id here
my $pass    = 'xxxxxx';        # your password here!

my $profile    = '14883391';
my $start_date = '2010-10-01';
my $end_date   = '2011-09-30';

# Login

my $auth = Net::Google::AuthSub->new(service => 'analytics');
my $response = $auth->login($user, $pass);
if (!$response->is_success) {
    die 'Login failed: ' . $response->error . "\n";

# Datafeed request

my $analytics = Net::Google::Analytics->new();

my $data_feed = $analytics->data_feed;
my $req = $data_feed->new_request();


my $res = $data_feed->retrieve($req);

if (($res->{is_success} || 0) ne 1) {
    die "Lookup failed\n";

# Print tab separated header line

my $entry = $res->entries->[0];

for my $dimension (@{$entry->dimensions}) {
    my $name = $dimension->name;
    $name =~ s/^ga\://;
    print "$name\t";

for my $metric (@{$entry->metrics}) {
    my $name = $metric->name;
    $name =~ s/^ga\://;
    print "$name\t";

print "\n";

# Print tab separated values

for my $entry (@{$res->entries}) {
    for my $dimension (@{$entry->dimensions}) {
        my $value = $dimension->value;
        print "$value\t";
    for my $metric (@{$entry->metrics}) {
        my $value = $metric->value;
        print "$value\t";
    print "\n";

exit 1;

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