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Cache::FileCache Example

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There is a spot in our real estate system that's always needed a cache to hold some data obtained from the internet. I finally got around to it using Cache::FileCache. Not the latest and greatest, but available on my increasingly antiquated system. It was hard to find a some decent example code, so here is some I wrote.


# tCacheFile.pl - try out Cache::FileCache
# 04/29/2011  Bill Ruppert

use strict;
use warnings;
use Cache::FileCache;

# Setup cache
my $cache = new Cache::FileCache({ 
	namespace           => 'FruitCache',
	default_expires_in  => '100 days',
	cache_root          => 'C:/tools/cache/',
	auto_purge_interval => '1 day',

# Cache some items
$cache->set('Orange', 'A round citrus fruit');
$cache->set('Lemon',  'A yellow pointed sour citrus fruit');
$cache->set('Apple',  'A red roundish fruit good for pies');

# Get all items in cache
print "Get all items in cache:\n";
for ($cache->get_keys()) {
	my $data = $cache->get($_);
	printf "  %-10s: %s\n", $_, $data;

# Mix cache hits and misses
print "\nTry some hits and misses:\n";
for (qw( Lemon Kiwi Orange Melon Apple )) {
	my $data = $cache->get($_);
	$data = "Not cached!" unless defined $data;
	printf "  %-10s: %s\n", $_, $data;

exit 1;

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