Comparing DNS Servers in Perl

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I've been reading about Google's new DNS service with great interest.  I had to switch to OpenDNS some time ago when my ISP began redirecting 404's to a search page.  This wreaked havoc on my link verification tools.

While reading, I came upon a shell script at that I wanted to try.  Since I run WinXP, I translated it to Perl and spruced it up a bit.  I installed the utility from and away we went...

# - test dns server times

use strict;
use warnings;

my @urls = qw(

my %dns_servers = (
	Level_3	=> '',
	Google	=> '',
	OpenDNS	=> '',

for my $dns_firm (sort keys %dns_servers) {
	my $dns_ip = $dns_servers{$dns_firm};
	for my $url (@urls) {
		my $result = `dig \@$dns_ip $url`;
		my ($time) = $result =~ /Query time: (\d+)/s;
		print "$dns_firm\t$url\t$time\n";

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