Check Google toolbar pagerank against multiple hosts

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One of my sites was coming up with a graybar, so I wanted to check it against other hosts, besides the default.  I tried a couple of the websites that I normally do this with, and they weren't working.  So, I wrote the following few lines.

use strict;
use warnings;
use WWW::Google::PageRank;

my @hosts = (

for my $host (@hosts) {
	print "\n$host\n";
	my $pr = WWW::Google::PageRank->new(host => $host)
		or die $!;
	for my $domain (@ARGV) {
		$domain =~ s{http://}{};
		$domain =~ s{/$}{};
		my $pagerank = $pr->get("http://$domain/");
		print "    $pagerank  $domain\n";

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