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Deleting Old Files

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Here is a script that deletes old files.  In the Unix environment this is an easy job for a one line script using find.  This Perl version has the -test option, to allow you to see what will happen, and prints some totals.

#!/usr/bin/perl # - delete old files #----------------------------------------------------------- # 05/24/2009 WR Written #----------------------------------------------------------- use strict; use warnings; use Win32::Autoglob; use Getopt::Long; $| = 1; sub print_usage; sub abort_usage; # option defaults my $days_back = 10; my $test_flag = 0; my $verbose_flag = 0; my $quiet_flag = 0; # get options GetOptions ( 'days=i' => \$days_back, 'test' => \$test_flag, 'verbose' => \$verbose_flag, 'quiet' => \$quiet_flag, 'usage' => sub {print_usage; exit 1}, ) or abort_usage "Invalid option"; my $time = time(); my $files_to_delete = 0; my $files_total = 0; my $files_failed = 0; FILE: for my $file (@ARGV) { # must exist, must be a plain old file next FILE if !-e $file; next FILE if !-f $file; $files_total++; # modified age in days my ($mtime) = (stat($file))[9]; my $modified_age = ($time - $mtime) / (3600 * 24); # skip if too young next FILE if $modified_age < $days_back; $files_to_delete++; if ($test_flag || $verbose_flag) { printf "Age: %-6.1f File: %s\n", $modified_age, $file; } # skip if we are testing next FILE if $test_flag; # delete the file if (!unlink $file) { warn "Failed to delete file $file\n"; $files_failed++; } } if ($test_flag) { print "\nTest Flag is set, no deletes done!\n"; } my $files_remaining = $files_total - $files_to_delete + $files_failed; if (!$quiet_flag || $test_flag) { print "\n"; print "Total files: $files_total\n"; print "Files to delete: $files_to_delete\n"; print "Failed to delete: $files_failed\n"; print "Files remaining: $files_remaining\n"; } exit 1; sub abort_usage { print STDERR join("\n", @_), "\n" if @_; print_usage; exit 0; } sub print_usage { print STDERR <<END; Usage: [Options] files... Options: --days n - Set age of files to keep. Files over "days" old will be deleted. Default is 10 days. --test - Print file names to be deleted with age, but do not actually delete. Default is false. --verbose - Print file name and age while deleting. Default is false. --quiet - Suppress printing of totals after deleting. Default is false. --usage - print this message and exit END }

Promoting Perl

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The Perl community is making an effort to improve visibility.  I added "Perl programming" to the top of the blog in support of this effort.

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