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Had a nasty FOUC (flash of unstyled content) on one of our websites.  It was real bad in Firefox, didn't check it in IE. 

The page loads a fairly small amount of CSS (28k) in the head.  No scripts though.  Our main site does not have this problem, and it has a small script in the head (to prevent external framing), so I added that but no difference.

The main site also has a scipt at the top of the body to pre-load the "Cool DHTML Tooltip" from  Adding that script fixed the FOUC:

<div id="dhtmltooltip"></div>
<script type="text/javascript" src="js/tooltip.js"></script>

Now there is a blank screen for a while, then the formatted page loads.  I guess the script stops the rendering from starting too fast.  I don't actually use the tooltip script on this site, but it is only 4k.

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